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i-deal CLUB is a reservation rewards program designed to honor corporate secretaries and personal assistants for booking companies travelers at HOTEL COZZI and MADISON TAIPEI HOTEL which are member of Cathay Hospitality Management. i-deal CLUB members should familiarize themselves with the following regulations which are intended to protect members of i-deal CLUB. These regulations may change from time to time. Should you require further explication, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales team directly.
Cathay Hospitality Management is referred as The Hotel below: 

Membership Eligibility

1.   i-deal CLUB membership are eligible for any corporate individuals or individual corporations (not group, associations) and Awards are transferable.   
Earning Reward Points and Vouchers

1.   i-deal CLUB members are entitled to earn the reward point after the guest or group check-out from the Hotel. Under the Program, reward points must be earned pursuant to the rules of reward points regarding paid transactions set forth under the Program and the Minimum Spending.

2.   Voucher value is calculated based on the reward points members earn during reservations. Members receive reward points each time according to room rates and room nights when they make eligible room bookings.

3.   It is the members' responsibility to provide their i-deal CLUB membership number during reservations in order to earn reward points.

4.   After room guests check out, the reward points will be assigned to members’ account on i-deal CLUB website, based on room rates and the number of room nights.

5.   Members may check their account balance and transaction activity at or call Sales office directly to get an update.  
6.  The reward points will be credited only when booking is booked directly to The Hotel.

7.   Members are not eligible to accumulate points with own reservations, complimentary stays, barters and cancelled reservations.

8.   The reward points are valid within 1 year.
9.   Members who have missing credit from their i-deal CLUB member account must notify Sales team at the Hotel within 14 days of the check-out date. Should members fail to do accordingly, reward points will be forfeited. Members can verify their reward points three business days after check-out. Any claims for missing point can be forwarded to i-deal CLUB Membership Services either via the website or phone call.

Claiming the Reward           
1.   Members may redeem their i-deal CLUB reward points at the Redemption section at In addition to members' user IDs and passwords, The Hotel reserves the right to seek other personal information for verification purposes.

2.   While using gift vouchers issued by i-deal CLUB, members are solely responsible for making reservations and for confirmation of stays or services provided by The Hotel.

3.   Members are to allow up to 3 weeks for processing and delivery of reward items. 

4.   Where delivery is required, reward items will be delivered to the address of the member claiming the award or to the member directly.

5.   Unused Hotel vouchers may not be extended or returned for credit to the members' accounts. 

6.   All accumulated reward points are valid for 12 months. Unredeemed points that exceed the expiration date will be automatically cancelled.